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Have a tax problem with the IRS?

Our clinic educates immigrants about their rights and responsibilities, representing low income taxpayers in controversy with the IRS and the Idaho State Tax Commission. Through the education we provide many more foreign agricultural workers apply for H-2A Visa's, allowing a foreign national entry into the U.S. for temporary or seasonal agricultural work.


Additionally, because our clinic does not charge for their services, referrals received from clients, agricultural based businesses, and other tax professionals will indicate that our clinic is truly making an impact assisting immigrants, foreign workers, low-income clients and for those who do not speak English.


Robert W. Wunderle, CPA

Clinic Director

William L. Martin III, Attorney

Diana Salazar*

Silvia Gonzalez, CPA*

    (Part Time Volunteer)

*Se habla Español.

Please call 208/735-1189 to make an appointment

We are a Low Income Taxpayer Clinic. Our mission is:

To ensure the fairness and integrity of the tax system for taxpayers who are low income or speak English as a second language (ESL):

  1. By providing pro bono representation on their behalf in tax disputes with the IRS;

  2. By educating them about their rights and responsibilities as taxpayers;

  3. And by identifying and advocating for issues that impact low income taxpayers.